You need to focus on...becoming a "Balance Seeker"!

Achieving balance in various aspects of your life will significantly impact your energy levels and overall well-being.

Here are some in-depth tips to help you find that desired balance and increase your energy:

Master time management: Streamline your routines and prioritize your tasks. Create schedules or to-do lists to help you stay organized and focused. Delegate or eliminate non-essential tasks, freeing up time for activities that energize you.

Create boundaries: Establish clear boundaries between your personal time, family time, and work responsibilities. Communicate your needs to your loved ones, and honor the time you set aside for self-care, relaxation, and pursuing your own interests.

Prioritize self-reflection: Take time to reflect on your values and priorities. Identify activities or commitments that align with your true desires and let go of those that no longer serve you. This will create space for activities that bring you joy and boost your energy.

Seek support and connection: Surround yourself with a supportive network of fellow moms or friends who understand the challenges of motherhood. Engage in regular social activities or join online communities to share experiences, seek advice, and provide support.

Practice adaptability: Embrace flexibility and adjust your expectations when necessary. Remember that perfection isn't the goal, but rather finding a harmonious flow in the different areas of your life.

By finding balance, you'll experience increased energy, reduced stress, and a greater sense of fulfillment as you navigate the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Who Am I to Tell You How to

Boost Your Energy As A Mom Of Littles?

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hey there — I'm Cheyanne Cleyman, Energy Coach and courageous mama of 3 - a teen, toddler + newborn!

My purpose in life is helping moms of littles go from exhausted to thriving FAST, so they can find peace in their parenting +

feel like themselves again. 🙌

It's easy to let stress run the show and end up lashing out at your littles, but once you begin to feel calm and in control, that'll quickly change.

I'm here to offer you the guidance, support and some good ole' TLC you need to get there!

Thought I Was Going to Leave You High and Dry?

Not a Chance, Mama!

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woman balancing on board
woman balancing on board